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Sugar Magnolia Mini Candle

Sugar Magnolia Mini Candle


Opening with light, citrusy notes of bergamot and orange blossom, Sugar Magnolia quickly blooms into a creamy heart of gardenia and magnolia petals to create a distinctly southern, feminine fragrance. A base of caramelized brown sugar and amber adds depth and toasty nuance for a beautifully layered scent. 

  • Scent Notes:

    Our candle scents are designed to unfold gradually, creating an immersive experience for your space. The top notes of a fragrance are the ‘initial impression’ you experience upon lighting and will fade first. The heart notes are the core of a fragrance blend and give it its character and style. The base notes will be the ones that linger longest and continue to perfume your space even after the candle has been blown out.  

    Top Notes: Orange Blossom, Bergamot

    Heart Notes: Gardenia + Magnolia Petals

    Base Notes: Amber, Brown Sugar

  • Ingredients:

    Our candles are hand poured with nontoxic coconut soy wax and cotton wicks for a long lasting, clean burn. We craft our scent blends with phthalate free fragrances to create a nuanced + elegant scent throw that enhances but doesn’t overpower your space.  

    4 oz  |  25hr burn time  |  glass tumbler

  • Candle Care:

    Burn candles for 3-5 hours at a time, and be sure to trim wick to ¼” before every burn. Ensure candle is not in a draft while burning. These simple tips will help to ensure the best performance for your candle!

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